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Updates to Improve Online Visibility

Apr 09 2021

1. A Dedicated URL & Page Tags for Product and Category Pages

A dedicated URL for your product pop-ups and category pages ensure that they are individually listed on search engines and can be easily shared on social media and mobile messaging apps.
Having your product or category name as the page title and product or category description as the meta description improves the visibility of your products or services online and ensures they are presented clearly on SERP or on social media.

On average, a purchase journey for a product or service begins with a search on the internet or a recommendation of a friend and family through social media or mobile messaging network. ShopOnCloud new updates ensure that your products are findable by new and present customers online.

2. Product URL and Page Tags

ShopOnCloud now features a dedicated URL for each product and product variants. The product URL is generally the name of the product and its unique attribute.

E.g. https://myshop.com/kraft-cheddar-cheese-200g

This can further be customized to categorise all the products within a single folder

E.g. https://myshop.com/products/kraft-cheddar-cheese-200g

Once a product is created at your shop, it can be assigned with a keyword known as ‘SEO Key’. In the URL, the product name will convert to the SEO key while replacing the spaces with a dash (-). You can use any word for the SEO key without using the default to customise your URL.

How to Add Products with Dedicated URLs

Each Page will also include a page title and a meta description using the product name and product description by default.

3. Category URL

Similar to Product pages, the Category Pages of your store are also assigned with unique URLs and features page title and meta tags.

E.g. https://myshop.com/chilled/cheese/cheese-wedges

Each category URL and Title at your store can be customised for keywords using the SEO key. By default, the category name will convert itself to the SEO key replacing certain characters and spaces with a dash (-).

4. XML Sitemap

An XML sitemap provides the search engines with the information related to your website pages and their structure.
The recent update now ensures a new XML sitemap is generated every time your online shop is moved online.

You can review your sitemap by typing (your domain name) /sitemap.xml on to the address bar of your web browser.


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