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ShopOnCloud Updates & Changelogs

Updates & Bug Fixes - December 29, 2022

Dec 29 2022 Email NotificationWebsite FeaturesWebsite InterfaceUpdatesMarketing

Updates and Feature Improvements

  • Enable SMTP email configuration options

From now customers can be use their own SMTP to send emails from their SOC shop, if they want. Some times SOC default emails are block by some of emails clients, on that kind of situation shop owners

  • Configure URL patterns

Now shop owners can change the URL patterns of the shop, Below URLs pattern can be change as they wish

- Location URL

- Category URL

- Product URL

Updates & Bug Fixes - December 19, 2022

Dec 19 2022 Product ManagementWebsite InterfaceUpdates

Updates and Feature Improvements

  • Perperation time option added to of the products Now shop owners can be specified the preparation time per products. According to the products preparation time, automatically delivery time will be change on the shop.
  • User profile UI and functionality updated SOC shop’s registered customers can manage their profile on the shops. From now they can have manage their billing and shipping address from the profile

Updates & Bug Fixes - November 25, 2022

Nov 25 2022 Website InterfaceUpdatesThemes

Updates and Feature Improvements

  • Banner uploading facility added to per locations

From now shop owners can be upload separate banners for their shop locations.

Updates & Bug Fixes - November 16, 2022

Nov 16 2022 Shipping & DeliveryWebsite FeaturesUpdates

Updates and Feature Improvements

  • Display empty message with help link on the shipping method selection popup, when creating offers for shipping methods without any active shipping methods.
  • Customers exporting facility added to the shop backend. Now shop owners can be download their customer information from the shop backend and use to run some marketing campaigns or any other purpose.

Updates & Bug Fixes - November 14, 2022

Nov 14 2022 Bug FixUpdatesSEODigital Marketing

Updates and Feature Improvements

  • Value formatting support is added to the product feed. Now shop owners can format price and weight when generating the product feed.

Bug Fixes

  • The products count issue is fixed on the product feed API
  • Product SEO URL reset to null issue fixed
  • The default product metadata generation issue fixed

Updates & Bug Fixes - November 11, 2022

Nov 11 2022 API IntegrationDiscounts and OffersBug FixUpdatesDigital Marketing

Updates and Feature Improvements

  • The API is updated of all products that have offers applied to them, fixing issues related to the category offers.

Bug Fixes

  • Product category long structured data saving issue fixed

Updates & Bug Fixes - November 09, 2022

Nov 09 2022 Product ManagementShipping & DeliveryBug FixUpdatesPagesCMS

Updates and Feature Improvements

  • Now the offers section allows variant product selecting, enabling shop owners to add specific offers for specific product variants.

  • Custom rate shipping activate button is removed from the shipping rates list. 

Bug Fixes

  • Home page redirection issue, which appears after the add-to-cart action on the shops depicting custom homages using CMS pages is fixed. 

  • Product offers failing issues fixed with product name. 

Updates & Bug Fixes - November 03, 2022

Nov 03 2022 API IntegrationBug FixUpdatesDigital Marketing

Updates and Feature Improvements

  • Now ShopOnCloud enables products to be filtered by tags on the product feed. Shop owners can create the product feed based on specific tags used for the products. 

  • Canonical link meta data added to the product and category pages.

Bug Fixes

  • Issues related to accessing API fixed, allowing users to access API faster. 

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