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ShopOnCloud Updates & Changelogs

Updates & Feature Improvements - August 23, 2023

Aug 23 2023 Admin ConsoleProduct Management

Feature Improvements

  • Display Product image thumbnail in product List
    • Now, the SOC admin has the ability to view product thumbnail images in the products list. This new feature empowers you to make more informed choices directly from the product list view.

Updates & Feature Improvements - August 17, 2023

Aug 17 2023 Admin ConsoleAPI Integration

Feature Improvements

  • Display API credentials in the admin console.
    • Now, the SOC admin has the ability to view API credentials directly from the Admin Console. This feature aims to streamline the process of accessing your API keys, tokens, and other credentials, ensuring better control and visibility over your shop's security. These credentials are used for the admin login API and the customer public login API. This option is available once the “API” section in the left side menu is accessed
  • Add search option for admin permissions
    • Now, the SOC admin can easily find admin permission by permission name.

Updates & Feature Improvements - August 15, 2023

Aug 15 2023 Admin ConsoleProduct ManagementEditView


  • Implement a feature that allows opening the product edit view in a new tab when the Ctrl button on the keyboard is clicked while selecting a product from the list
  • Change default display row count to 50 in products and customers lists
  • Add product view button in product edit UI for display product page in shop
  • Add product name to product edit view

Updates & Feature Improvements - August 11, 2023

Aug 11 2023 Admin ConsoleSEOPagesVariable


  • URLs for sub sections in the admin console. Now, SOC admin can go to sub sections by URLs in the admin console. New URLs added for configurations and Digital Marketing sections. Also, admin can go to edit theme pages and edit category pages through unique URLs associated with each page's ID.
  • Added new system variables for getting currency, timezone and product google analytics events.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed default SEO data not filling issue for variant products and new categories created by product list view.

Updates & Feature Improvements - August 07, 2023

Aug 07 2023 Admin ConsoleThemesPages


  • Now, SOC admin can go to edit pages when clicking a grid row in the admin console.
  • Moved the theme section from the configurations section to the main sidebar in the admin console.

Updates & Feature Improvements - August 04, 2023

Aug 04 2023 Admin ConsolePages

Feature Improvements

  • URLs for admin console pages
    • Now, SOC admin can visit pages by URLs in the admin console. With this feature, admin can directly access specific pages by clicking on corresponding links from the main menu or by entering the desired URL in their browsers.
    • Each page accessible through the main menu now comes with its own unique URL accompanied by a hashtag (#). Also, admin can go to product edit and view pages through unique URLs associated with each product's ID.

Updates & Feature Improvements - July 31, 2023

Jul 31 2023 Admin ConsoleAPI IntegrationPages


Handling 410 page error code

  • Handling a 410 Page Error Code (Gone) typically involves informing users that a resource they were trying to access no longer exists and providing an appropriate response. The HTTP status code 410 indicates that the requested resource is permanently gone, and there is no forwarding address.

Detail list paginations have been updated in the admin console

  • We have implemented an improved pagination system that provides you with better support and flexibility. Now, SOC admin can easily access and view the relevant information with minimal effort and admin can navigate through the list details effortlessly using the convenient previous and next buttons.

Feature Improvements & Bug Fixes - July 29, 2023

Jul 29 2023 Admin ConsoleThemes

Facility to Preview Custom/Inbuilt Theme

  • We are excited to introduce a highly requested feature that allows users to preview both custom and inbuilt themes in our SOC With this latest update, you can now have a seamless and user-friendly experience in choosing the perfect look and feel for your shop
  • If you are looking to create a unique visual identity for your shop, you can now design custom themes. The new feature enables you to upload and apply your custom theme directly from the Theme Preview Panel. Once save and clear cache, you can instantly see how your custom theme will look before applying it to your entire application.

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