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ShopOnCloud Updates & Changelogs

Updates & Bug Fixes - February 09, 2023

Feb 09 2023 Product ManagementShipping & DeliveryBug Fix

Bug Fixeses

  • Fixing shipping price issues for variant products

In e-commerce, variant products (such as different sizes or colors of the same item) can present challenges for shipping pricing. To address this issue, many online retailers have implemented a fixed shipping price system for variant products. This ensures that the shipping cost remains the same regardless of the product variant, providing a more streamlined and predictable checkout process for customers.

Certis Delivery Option Enable

Feb 01 2023 Shipping & DeliveryWebsite Features

Certis Delivery Option is a reliable and secure delivery service that offers customers a convenient and flexible way to have their packages delivered. With its focus on security, flexibility, and real-time tracking, Certis Delivery Option is an excellent option for customers who want to ensure that their packages are delivered safely and efficiently.

Updates & Bug Fixes - November 16, 2022

Nov 16 2022 Shipping & DeliveryWebsite FeaturesUpdates

Updates and Feature Improvements

  • Display empty message with help link on the shipping method selection popup, when creating offers for shipping methods without any active shipping methods.
  • Customers exporting facility added to the shop backend. Now shop owners can be download their customer information from the shop backend and use to run some marketing campaigns or any other purpose.

Updates & Bug Fixes - November 09, 2022

Nov 09 2022 Product ManagementShipping & DeliveryBug FixUpdatesPagesCMS

Updates and Feature Improvements

  • Now the offers section allows variant product selecting, enabling shop owners to add specific offers for specific product variants.

  • Custom rate shipping activate button is removed from the shipping rates list. 

Bug Fixes

  • Home page redirection issue, which appears after the add-to-cart action on the shops depicting custom homages using CMS pages is fixed. 

  • Product offers failing issues fixed with product name. 

Updates & Bug Fixes - October 20, 2022

Oct 20 2022 Shipping & DeliveryBug FixUpdates

Updates and Feature Improvements

  • API was added so that all addresses from the customer address book can be added
  • The shipping address UI is updated on the checkout page.
  • Shipping address add and edit API updated.
  • The facility added to limit shipping fields based on the order type.
  • The facility was added to select shipping and billing addresses from the address book.

Bug Fixes

  • The default address sorting issue is fixed on the address book.

Updates & Bug Fixes - September 06, 2022

Sep 06 2022 Admin ConsoleShipping & DeliveryUpdates

Updates and Feature Improvements

  • Separate billing and shipping address support added.

This feature enables customers to use separate addresses for billing and shipping. Now shop owners can manage the two address formats without the hassle and ShopOnCloud further allows them to add extra fields for the address’s forms from the shop backend.

Updates & Bug Fixes - July 01, 2022

Jul 01 2022 Email NotificationOrder ManagementShipping & DeliveryBug FixUpdates

Updates and Feature Improvements

  • A few emails and pages are updated to make it easy for ShopOnCloud users to find their shop URLs
    • ‘Email verification’ email template on creating a shop
    • Add a new page to show shop links after verifying the shop owner’s email.
    • The email verification page has been updated to show shop links, where a particular customer may (by mistake) click on the verification email after creating the shop.
    • ‘Shop creation success’ email template

Bug Fixes

  • Delivery tab displaying the issue fixed with global order type

Updates & Bug Fixes – April 06, 2022

Apr 06 2022 Order ReportsProduct ManagementShipping & DeliveryBug FixUpdates

Updates and Feature Improvements

  • A new feature was added to the invoice settings to insert the shop logo when printing the invoice
  • The custom shipping rate module was upgraded by changing the UI
  • A select all option was added to the product list on the admin panel
  • The logo was updated on the ShopOnCloud API documentation
  • The API documentation URL was changed
  • The contact number was added to the create shop form

Bug Fixes

  • The newly added products edit issue was fixed to remove the product code already existing message
  • The scrolling issue of the product details popup close button was fixed
  • Previously, the selected attribute was not displayed on the product edit form. This issue was fixed.

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