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ShopOnCloud Updates & Changelogs

Updates & Bug Fixes - January 24, 2023

Jan 24 2023 SMS NotificationWebsite FeaturesUpdatesPages

Updates and Feature Improvements

  • Handling 404 Page Error Code

A 404 page error code occurs when a requested web page cannot be found. To handle this error, website owners should create a custom 404 page that provides helpful information to users, such as navigation links or a search bar. Additionally, website owners should monitor and fix broken links to minimize the occurrence of 404 errors.

  • How to restrict search engine indexing on your website

To restrict search engine indexing on your website, you can add a "robots.txt" file to your site's root directory and use a "noindex, nofollow" meta tag in your site's HTML code. The robots.txt file tells search engine crawlers which pages they are allowed to index, while the meta tag instructs crawlers not to index or follow specific pages. This can be useful for pages that contain sensitive information or duplicate content.

  • Adding SMS configurations for a super admin

To add SMS configurations for a super admin, access the website's back-end and navigate to the SMS configuration settings. From there, select the option to create a new configuration and fill in the necessary details such as the SMS gateway provider and API credentials. Once saved, the super admin will be able to manage and send SMS notifications to users from the website's front end. This feature can enhance user engagement and improve communication on the website.

Updates & Bug Fixes - November 09, 2022

Nov 09 2022 Product ManagementShipping & DeliveryBug FixUpdatesPagesCMS

Updates and Feature Improvements

  • Now the offers section allows variant product selecting, enabling shop owners to add specific offers for specific product variants.

  • Custom rate shipping activate button is removed from the shipping rates list. 

Bug Fixes

  • Home page redirection issue, which appears after the add-to-cart action on the shops depicting custom homages using CMS pages is fixed. 

  • Product offers failing issues fixed with product name. 

Updates & Bug Fixes - July 11, 2022

Jul 11 2022 Product ManagementThemesSEOPagesCMS

Updates and Feature Improvements

The following updates are made to enrich the eCommerce experience for you and your customers.

  • API added to get a list of products by attributes.
  • Theme images are made available on the media manager.
  • New arrival attribute is added to system attributes.

Bug Fixes

  • Metadata deleting issue is fixed.
  • CMS pages editing issue is fixed.
  • Metadata saving issue that arises when saving data with special characters is fixed.

Updates & Bug Fixes - June 27, 2022

Jun 27 2022 Admin ConsolePayment GatewaysProduct ManagementBug FixUpdatesSEOPages

Updates and Feature Improvements

  • An email restriction was added to the test payment gateways on IPG test mode.

Bug Fixes

  • The deleting UI issues of the payment service provider was fixed promptly.

Updates & Bug Fixes – June 23, 2022

Jun 23 2022 Admin ConsoleProduct ManagementBug FixUpdatesSEOPages

Updates and Feature Improvements

  • The default logo and console admin login background was updated.
  • Updates were made to make sure the cache clear pop-up appears once the home page is selected.

Bug Fixes

  • Now, automatic sitemap generation only applies to updated shops.
  • The display failure of uploaded images on the media manager was fixed.

Updates & Bug Fixes – June 20, 2022

Jun 20 2022 Admin ConsoleAPI IntegrationProduct ManagementBug FixUpdatesPages

Updates and Feature Improvements

  • A new facility was added to ensure shop owners can set the CMS page as the homepage.
  • Related product searches in the shop admin console were improved.
  • An API was added to access the best-selling products.
  • A new bulk product insert facility was added.

Bug Fixes

  • The invalid From email on shop creation emails was fixed.

Updates & Bug Fixes – June 16, 2022

Jun 16 2022 Admin ConsoleAPI IntegrationProduct ManagementBug FixUpdatesSEOPages

Updates and Feature Improvements

  • A content pages management (CMS) facility was added for all shops. Shop owners can now manage all the pages of their shops as they wish. At present, shop pages support the addition of the following:
      • SEO data
      • Custom variables and system variables
  • The bulk product update API was updated on the system.

Bug Fixes

  • We encountered an initial loading issue with the shops due to a technical error. The matter was resolved promptly.

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