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Updates & Bug Fixes - July 06, 2023

Jul 06 2023 Admin ConsoleAPI IntegrationThemes

Updates and Feature Improvements


  • Added abandoned cart feature for the Flexy theme
    • An abandoned cart refers to a situation in e-commerce when a customer adds items to their shopping cart but leaves the website without completing the purchase. This can occur for various reasons, such as distractions, indecision, technical issues, or unexpected costs.
    • By this feature that shows items after login, to a functionality in the shop where customers can view the items they previously added to their shopping carts even after logging in to their accounts at a later time.

Updates & Bug Fixes

  • Update the primary shipping API to get shipping prices by unit weight and unit price for a weight range.
  • Fixed the autofill issue in the user registration form in the admin console.

Feature Improvement - June 01, 2023

Jun 22 2023 Admin ConsoleAPI IntegrationAccount


  • Shop Activation by Admin
    • Activating a shop refers to the process of making a shop live and accessible to customers on the internet. It involves a series of steps to set up the necessary infrastructure, design and develop the shop, and make it available for customers.
    • Now the admin can activate their shop by submitting the activation request form in the admin console. After activation, the shop domain will be updated to the SOC Live Domain and the SEO (Search Engine Optimization) process will start for your online shop.

Update and Feature Improvement - June 01, 2023

Jun 01 2023 Admin ConsoleAPI IntegrationCategory ManagementOrder ManagementProduct ManagementCustomersThemesAttributes

Update and Feature Improvement

  • Flexy theme uses colors set by the admin console configuration's color settings.
  • Apply primary color for UI features(topics, buttons, icons).
  • Reset Shop

A reset shop data is an action taken to delete all data of your shop. This procedure effectively clears all existing products, categories, orders, customers and attributes stored within the system.

When performing a reset shop data, it is essential to exercise caution as this action cannot be undone. Once the data is reset, it is typically irretrievable, so it is crucial to ensure that backups or copies of essential information are securely stored before proceeding with the reset.

  • Admin UI

Now the admin can reset selected data. After reset, all data of selected sections will be deleted from the system. This feature will only be received for admins who have reset shop permission.

  • API development and update
  • Added new API for reset shop data.

Updates & Bug Fixes - May 25, 2023

May 25 2023 Admin ConsoleAPI IntegrationProduct ManagementThemes

Product short description

  • A short description provides a concise overview of the product, allowing customers to quickly understand its purpose, features, and benefits. It helps them determine if the product meets their needs without having to read lengthy descriptions or reviews.

Now Admin can add short descriptions for products in the product add/edit in the admin console.

  • Added short description field for product add/edit pages.
  • Added short description to product export report.
  • Added short description for product import.
  • Added a system variable for product short description.
  • Added product short description to the configuration for display sections in the list.

Added product short description to the ‘Flexy’ theme

  • Added product short description to the product detail page.
  • Added product short description to product listing.

Updates & Bug Fixes - May 19, 2023

May 19 2023 API IntegrationCategory ManagementProduct ManagementTagsExportImport

Bug Fixes

  • The loader icon performance has been optimised to provide a faster and smoother import/export experience.
  • Prior to importing data, users can now view a detailed preview of both updating and inserting data.
    • The preview feature provides a comprehensive overview of the changes to be made, allowing users to review and verify the data before proceeding with the import

Feature Improvement - May 18, 2023

May 18 2023 Admin ConsoleAPI IntegrationProduct ManagementThemesTags

Quantity-based pricing

  • Quantity-based pricing refers to a pricing strategy where the cost of a product or service is determined by the quantity purchased. In this pricing model, the more units or volume a customer buys, the lower the unit price or rate becomes.
  • The rationale behind quantity-based pricing is to incentivize customers to buy in larger quantities, which can result in benefits for both the buyer and the seller. Buyers can enjoy cost savings by purchasing in bulk, while sellers can increase their sales volume and potentially reduce their production or inventory costs.

Updates & Bug Fixes - May 12, 2023

May 12 2023 API IntegrationCategory ManagementProduct ManagementTagsImportImage

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed image import issue in category import,product import and tag import.The administrative user has the capability to import various media assets, such as category images, category banners, category icons, product images, and tag icons, through the utilisation of a CSV file

Updates & Bug Fixes - May 11, 2023

May 11 2023 ThemesBannerSettingsProfileAccount


  • Use banners by configurations

Admin can change banner images for “Flexy” theme by configurations in shop display settings in the admin console.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed contact number field validation issues on the checkout page, edit profile page and address book in the “Flexy” theme.
  • Fixed password change issue on the customer profile in “Flexy” theme.
  • Fixed customer logout issue on the account settings page in “Flexy” theme.

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