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ShopOnCloud Updates & Changelogs

Updates & Bug Fixes – April 19, 2022

Apr 19 2022 Payment MethodsBug Fix

Bug Fixes

  • The logout issue of the online payment section on the admin console was resolved.

Updates & Bug Fixes – April 18, 2022

Apr 18 2022 Bug Fix

Bug Fixes

  • The issue regarding the creating a ShopOnCloud account without sample data was fixed on the website create form.

Payment Gateway Integration

Apr 11 2022 Payment GatewaysPayment MethodsWebsite Features

ShopOnCloud is committed to supporting your desire to set up your payment gateways by yourself. If you have already subscribed to any payment gateway, you can now connect it to your online shop with just a few clicks.

Updates & Bug Fixes – April 06, 2022

Apr 06 2022 Order ReportsProduct ManagementShipping & DeliveryBug FixUpdates

Updates and Feature Improvements

  • A new feature was added to the invoice settings to insert the shop logo when printing the invoice
  • The custom shipping rate module was upgraded by changing the UI
  • A select all option was added to the product list on the admin panel
  • The logo was updated on the ShopOnCloud API documentation
  • The API documentation URL was changed
  • The contact number was added to the create shop form

Bug Fixes

  • The newly added products edit issue was fixed to remove the product code already existing message
  • The scrolling issue of the product details popup close button was fixed
  • Previously, the selected attribute was not displayed on the product edit form. This issue was fixed.

Updates & Bug Fixes – March 25, 2022

Mar 25 2022 Order ReportsShopping CartBug FixUpdatesCheckout

Updates and Feature Improvements

  • The thousand separator was added to the prices in the order invoice
  • The Next and Back buttons were updated on the offer module
  • Admin “/admin/api/product/get-child” API have been updated to get all products without filtering by categories
  • The last updated time was added to the admin console Sitemap section
  • Currency was added to the customer order history view on the shop

Bug Fixes

  • Devices with a width of 1024px were experiencing an issue with the cart UI while browsing the shop. This matter was fixed.
  • Duplicate comma separators were removed from the delivery address on the order invoice

Updates & Bug Fixes – March 18, 2022

Mar 18 2022 Admin ConsoleCategory ManagementShipping & DeliveryShopping CartBug FixUpdatesCheckout

Updates and Feature Improvements

  • The category assigned pop-up was updated to demonstrate the category tree and status (active/inactive). Moreover, the search result was formatted to show the category tree on the admin console.
  • All Add and Create button styles were updated on the admin console.
  • The default minimum value of the pickup timer was changed to 15 minutes.

Bug Fixes

  • The loading issue of the title was fixed on the item detail popup.
  • The broken text issue was fixed on the checkout summary popup.
  • The UI issue was fixed by opting for a long category name in the product section on the admin console.
  • The custom shipping rates updated message changed.
  • The matter regarding products adding without any categories was resolved on the admin console.

OnePay Payment Option Enabled

Mar 18 2022 Payment GatewaysPayment Methods

OnePay is the only payment gateway in Sri Lanka that allows non- business registration merchants to accept card payments. Designed specifically for customer convenience and ease, OnePay gives you a variety of payment options to fit your business needs. It enables secure, quick and reliable transactions via credit and debit cards, and current and savings accounts on the mobile phone. Designed specifically to ensure customer ease, your business will now be able to provide high-quality services regardless of the payment method your customers opt for.

Updates & Bug Fixes – March 11, 2022

Mar 11 2022 Admin ConsoleProduct ManagementBug FixUpdatesSEO

Updates and Feature Improvements

  • The product details pop-up was modified to load without unnecessary page loading. No more wasting time!
  • An Add or Remove widget has been added to the product list view so that featured products can be added to the cart automatically.
  • The facility has been added to generate a sitemap via the admin console.
  • The SEO section was moved under the "Digital Marketing " Menu.

Bug Fixes

  • The facility option was added to show “All products” in the shop UI without considering the category active status.
  • Empty product filters were removed on the admin console.
  • The facility was incorporated to add products without specifying a category.
  • The image name validating issue was fixed and allowed "-" for image names.
  • The validation issue is fixed at product variants.

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