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ShopOnCloud Updates & Changelogs

Facility to Update Shopping Cart Instruction

Apr 04 2020 Shopping Cart

Now you can update the shopping cart instructions from the backend to provide certain information to the customers in the shopping cart itself. Some of this information may include Opening hours, Delivery areas, and Shipping details. This saves customer’s time and makes the decision-making process much easier.

All New Accounts are Created as Demo Sites

Apr 04 2020 Website Interface

Once you create an account on the ShopOnCloud URL will be displayed with the “-demo”. This will include the client’s name since it is built to be specific. For example, the URL of a demo site will be as follows, https://CLIENT-NAME-demo.orderonline.lk. This address will be customised based on the client’s specifications by the ShopOnCloud team before the website goes live.

Facility to Add a Theme to the Shopping Cart

Apr 04 2020 Shopping Cart

Now you can add a theme to your shopping cart that suits your brand and business to upgrade your shop with a unique look. The colour codes used in this theme will represent your brand. This can be done through the user console. The colour settings can be managed once you enter the “Configurations” section in the console’s settings.

Update Shop Banners

Apr 04 2020 Website Interface

You can now update your shop’s banner to suit your brand and business. Make your shop attractive and more useful to customers by using the shop banner to announce offers, promotions, and new product additions with images and words.

Updates & Bug Fixes - February 02, 2023

Category ManagementProduct ManagementWebsite InterfaceUpdates

Updates and Feature Improvements

  • Home Appliances

ACs, or air conditioners, are essential appliances for maintaining comfortable temperatures in homes, offices, and other indoor spaces. They work by cooling and dehumidifying the air, making it easier to breathe and creating a more pleasant environment. ACs are available in various types, such as window, split, portable, and central, and can be powered by electricity or solar energy.

Bug Fix

API Updates

Get Order Types API - Added ‘Manage Settings’ permission to get order types API
The admin who has permission to manage settings can access the 'get all order types' API. Also, order management and segment management permissions are allowed.

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