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ShopOnCloud Updates & Changelogs

Feature Improvements & Bug Fixes - July 29, 2023

Jul 29 2023 Admin ConsoleThemes

Facility to Preview Custom/Inbuilt Theme

  • We are excited to introduce a highly requested feature that allows users to preview both custom and inbuilt themes in our SOC With this latest update, you can now have a seamless and user-friendly experience in choosing the perfect look and feel for your shop
  • If you are looking to create a unique visual identity for your shop, you can now design custom themes. The new feature enables you to upload and apply your custom theme directly from the Theme Preview Panel. Once save and clear cache, you can instantly see how your custom theme will look before applying it to your entire application.

Feature Improvements & Bug Fixes - July 28, 2023

Jul 28 2023 Admin ConsoleProduct Management


  • Enable the feature to open the relevant theme folder within the media manager for themes.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed image missing issue when duplicating products on product pages in the admin console.
  • Fixed issues with print order details overlapping and exceeding boundaries on invoices

Updates & Bug Fixes - July 24, 2023

Jul 24 2023 Admin ConsoleThemes


  • Now, SOC admin can clear cache after activating a theme in theme settings. The cache clear pop-up will appear after successfully activating a theme.

Updates - July 21, 2023

Jul 21 2023 Admin ConsoleThemes


  • Set a default footer with the business email and business contact number using a system variable when creating a soc account.

Updates & Bug Fixes - July 20, 2023

Jul 20 2023 Website InterfaceThemes


  • The city dropdown field in forms has been replaced with an input field.

  • Auto-fill option has been disabled in the user registration form.

  • A loading indicator has been added to the Order History page.

  • "My Profile" and "Order History" navigation items have been included in the user dropdown menu.

Bug Fixes

  • The product detail page now displays the correct price when there is a retail price.

  • The font color issue related to the product display on the product detail pages has been fixed.

  • The product details page now correctly displays the offer percentage.

  • The UI issue with long titles on the product listing page's list view has been fixed.

Updates & Bug Fixes - July 17, 2023

Jul 17 2023 Admin ConsoleAPI Integration

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed form validation issue in add cart sale offer page in admin console.
  • Fixed field validation issues in customer registration form.
  • Fixed quantity validation issue in product pages in admin console.

Feature Improvements - July 12, 2023

Jul 12 2023 Admin ConsoleAPI IntegrationEmail Notification

From Email Customization

Now the SOC admin can update their own from email and from name for shop emails in the admin console. Admin can select one of the three services to send emails.

SOC Email Services:

  • Send email via SOC default from email
    • This is the SOC default email service. From name and from email cannot be editable by the shop admin.
  • Send email via custom from email
    • Now, the SOC admin can add/update their own from name and from email by this service. Also, shop admin can view the verification status of the from email and if not verify, admin can resend a verification email to verify the from email.
  • Send email via external SMTP server
    • The shop admin can add/update their external SMTP configuration.
  • API development
    • Added new APIs to manage Messaging Center accounts and send email verification.
  • Admin UI
    • Now the shop admin can update their own from name and from email for sending emails in the Email Settings section in the Admin Console. Also, admin can send testing emails by each service.

Updates & Bug Fixes - July 10, 2023

Jul 10 2023 API IntegrationProduct ManagementThemes

Bug Fixes

  • Updated the main banner to set full width for the Flexy theme

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