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Update and Feature Improvement - June 01, 2023

Jun 01 2023 Admin ConsoleAPI IntegrationCategory ManagementOrder ManagementProduct ManagementCustomersThemesAttributes

Update and Feature Improvement

  • Flexy theme uses colors set by the admin console configuration's color settings.
  • Apply primary color for UI features(topics, buttons, icons).
  • Reset Shop

A reset shop data is an action taken to delete all data of your shop. This procedure effectively clears all existing products, categories, orders, customers and attributes stored within the system.

When performing a reset shop data, it is essential to exercise caution as this action cannot be undone. Once the data is reset, it is typically irretrievable, so it is crucial to ensure that backups or copies of essential information are securely stored before proceeding with the reset.

  • Admin UI

Now the admin can reset selected data. After reset, all data of selected sections will be deleted from the system. This feature will only be received for admins who have reset shop permission.

  • API development and update
  • Added new API for reset shop data.

Updates & Bug Fixes - May 09, 2023

May 09 2023 API IntegrationCategory ManagementProduct ManagementTagsAttributesImport

Updates and Feature Improvements

  • Import Facility.

Introducing a new feature that enables users to import categories,tags,attributes and products from csv file directly into the system,enabling them to continue working while the import process runs seamlessly in the background.

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