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ShopOnCloud Updates & Changelogs

Product URL

Apr 10 2020 Shopping Cart

We have created an individual URL for each product pop up.
Usually, when a customer clicks on a product, product details popup will appear. With this update, a separate URL is assigned for each product's detail pop up. This will help you and your customers to share and promote product details with others on social media, through email or mobile social networks like WhatsApp and Viber.

Shop Loading Text Added

Apr 10 2020 Website Interface

We have now enabled the display of a ‘loading’ text message during the loading time of the shopping cart, instead of displaying an empty page. This will help to retain the customers’ attention until all the details appear and will provide them with an orientation that the content of the shop will be displayed shortly.

Modified 404 Page

Apr 10 2020 Website Interface

When there is a broken link or a missing page, customers are normally directed to the 404 error page. Any missing URL of a ShopOnCloud online store will be redirected to a modified 404 page

Facility to Set up a Buffer Time for Delivery

Apr 08 2020 Order Management

Now you can set up a specified delivery date for orders placed each day on your shop providing a fixed buffer time to prepare the ordered product.
This can be especially helpful when selling perishable items like vegetables and fruit that should be bought on order, or custom made items like furniture or jewellery. .

Change the Default Display view of the Shop

Apr 08 2020 Admin Console

You can change the view of your online shop. The update allows you to choose between a full-screen and a fixed resolution layout matching your product type and preference.
You can also change the display view of your menu items between list and grid and the way the shopping cart is displayed to your customers.

Customizable Shops Display Text and Messages

Apr 08 2020 Admin Console

We have made it possible for you to customise display text and messages in your shop so you can use your local language in the shop to communicate with your customers.
Now you can update your shop’s display text and pop up messages from the admin panel. For example, you can rename default text such as,“Location, Log In, Categories” to “Shop, Sign in, and Sections”. This can be done using the console as well as from the frontend.

Featured Products Filter Added to the Shops

Apr 08 2020 Website Features

Featured products are the first thing your customers will see once they enter the store. We have enabled the display of your best sellers, new products, and seasonal favourites prominently on your website with pre-set filters.
Now, you can add an existing product or even a totally new product to the store’s featured products section.

Admin Panel General Settings UI Updated

Apr 04 2020 Admin Console

The admin console has two new updates

  • Shop Admins can now preview the banners and logos of the shop from the backend, making it easy and fast to make the changes to your shop’s outlook.
  • The field labels in the console have been updated with descriptions to inform admins about the functions of the specific fields.

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