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ShopOnCloud Updates & Changelogs

Updates & Bug Fixes - March 01, 2023

Mar 01 2023 Admin ConsoleWebhooksWebsite Features

Updates and Feature Improvements

  • Webhook admin UI

Webhook admin UI is a graphical user interface that allows users to manage webhooks for their applications or services. It provides a centralized location to create, edit, delete, and monitor webhook endpoints, and view logs and statistics. This tool simplifies the webhook integration process and enables users to easily automate workflows and receive real-time updates.

Updates & Bug Fixes - October 14, 2022

Oct 14 2022 Admin ConsoleUpdatesDigital Marketing

Updates and Feature Improvements

  • google_product_category” attributes added as feed attributes.

Now shop owners can set the “google_product_category” id for their products from the shop backend

Updates & Bug Fixes - September 22, 2022

Sep 22 2022 Admin ConsoleUser ManagementUpdatesDigital Marketing

Updates and Feature Improvements

  • Facebook product feed generation facility added to the shop backend

This feature enables shop owners to set up their Facebook shop using ShopOnCloud product feed URLs all by themselves.

  • Facility to assign customers to multiple user groups

Retaining existing customers is key in terms of increasing online sales. Offering irresistible discounts to customers plays a major role in increasing customer loyalty, engagement and sales. And one way of doing so is by assigning various user segments and grouping customers.

Updates & Bug Fixes - September 06, 2022

Sep 06 2022 Admin ConsoleShipping & DeliveryUpdates

Updates and Feature Improvements

  • Separate billing and shipping address support added.

This feature enables customers to use separate addresses for billing and shipping. Now shop owners can manage the two address formats without the hassle and ShopOnCloud further allows them to add extra fields for the address’s forms from the shop backend.

iPay Payment Option Enabled

Aug 15 2022 Admin ConsolePayment GatewaysWebsite Features

ShopOnCloud now supports the iPay payment gateway for all payments. In iPay’s own words, it’s “a Platform beyond Payments that brings to its users the true convenience of digital transactions providing a cashless and a seamless payment experience.” It allows eCommerce businesses to accept payments, move money domestically, ensure the functionality of the store and capture more revenue easily. 

Updates & Bug Fixes - July 27, 2022

Jul 27 2022 Admin ConsoleProduct ManagementUpdates

Updates and Feature Improvements

More fields are added to use on product structured data blocks

  • Product URL - URL of the product
  • Product Price - Unit price of the product
  • Priduct Display Price - Final price of the product after applying all offers
  • Product Availability - Availability of the product
  • Product Quantity - Quantity of the product
  • Product is featured - Product featured status
  • Product offer details - Product offer structured data block with all required details

Updates and Feature Improvements - July 21, 2022

Jul 21 2022 Admin ConsoleAPI IntegrationDiscounts and OffersUpdatesThemes

Updates and Feature Improvements

  • Renamed "Image Gallery" to "Media Manager"
  • New API added to get the list of products with special offers (“/api/v1/get-offer-products”)
  • Sample offers will be added to the newly created shops

Structured Data Support

Jul 01 2022 Admin ConsoleWebsite FeaturesUpdatesSEO

Facility to add structured data formats to the shop pages

Structured data has many benefits for your online shop including higher click-through rates, greater search visibility, faster indexing. It helps search engines(Google) to understand your content better and faster, and can help enhance your site's visibility in search features.

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