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Updates and Feature Improvements - May 30, 2022

May 30 2022 Admin ConsolePayment MethodsBug FixUpdates

Updates and Feature Improvements

  • A new facility was added to set up post-payment instructions for each payment method. From now, post-payment instructions will be displayed at the checkout and shared via the order email.
  • The UI of the payment method configuration forms was updated.

Bug Fixes

  • The cache clearing issue of the created SOC shops was resolved promptly.

Updates & Bug Fixes – May 24, 2022

May 24 2022 API IntegrationCategory ManagementWebsite FeaturesBug FixUpdates

Updates and Feature Improvements

  • Now, various technical issues such as common network connections, server connections, and other general issues will be detected and displayed on the admin console for user convenience.
  • Bulk product update APIs were implemented in the system
    • /api/v1/bulk/update - allows users to update products via the CSV file
    • /api/v1/bulk/validation - allows users to validate products via the CSV file

Bug Fixes

  • Previously, a technical issue caused the system to automatically select the first delivery option. Thus, the issue was fixed to get rid of any sort of inconvenience to shoppers. Now, users can easily opt for the preferred delivery option when they navigate within the payment and user info sections.
  • Shop owners and admins are given the facility to add new products without assigning specific categories. Everytime a new product is created, users can select related products on the admin console. However, previously, all products that did not belong to a specific category were not available to be chosen as related products when a new product was added. This issue was fixed.

Updates & Bug Fixes – May 23, 2022

May 23 2022 API IntegrationUpdates

Bug Fixes

  • Implemented the “/api/v1/get-payment-methods” API on the payment retry page for orders with failed payments.

Updates & Bug Fixes – May 19, 2022

May 19 2022 Payment GatewaysPayment MethodsWebsite FeaturesBug FixUpdates

Updates and Feature Improvements

  • Configured online payment methods were made visible in the cart according to the store currency.
  • All city suggestions were removed from the address form on the checkout page.
  • The payments section was updated on the admin console. With this update, the changes that are listed below were ensured.
    • All payment options (online/offline/manual payments) are visible on the payment section
    • Payment options can be sorted according to the respective requirement. Hence, all payment methods will be visible on the checkout page based on this sorting order.
    • Payment instructions can be added from the admin console and these instructions will be visible to all shoppers on the checkout page.
    • The UI of the Payments section was updated on the checkout page to improve user experience.

Bug Fixes

  • A predefined variant has been selected as the default variant to enable the Add to Cart button on the product details page.
  • Invalid third-party credentials were removed in created SoC trial accounts.
  • The issue related to the invalidity of URL authentication was resolved in online payment integration.

Updates and Feature Improvements – May 11, 2022

May 11 2022 Category ManagementOrder ManagementOrder ReportsUpdates

Updates and Feature Improvements

  • The completed order report date filters were updated to ensure it's possible to select future delivery dates.
  • A disable option was added to the order delivery dates.
  • A new feature was added to enable to add special notes for deliveries section. This note will show up in the delivery section of the checkout form.
  • A CSRF token and Capture was added to the create account form.
  • Steps were taken to ensure a suitable message appears on the screen when all the categories in the category section of the admin console is deleted.

Updates & Bug Fixes – May 04, 2022

May 04 2022 Admin ConsoleOrder ManagementBug FixUpdates

Updates and Feature Improvements

  • The access log format was updated promptly to support the log analyzer.

Bug Fixes

  • The issue related to the expired coupon code validation was fixed.
  • The clicking issue of the flash order checkbox was fixed on the embedded shops.
  • The configurations updating issue of the newly created shops was fixed.

Updates & Bug Fixes – April 28, 2022

Apr 28 2022 Admin ConsolePayment MethodsProduct ManagementSMS NotificationBug FixUpdates

Updates and Feature Improvements

  • The ‘SMS is not activated for your profile’ message was updated on the admin console.
  • The product SKU was added to the product's default sorting options on the admin console.
  • A facility to change product variant options order via the admin console was added to the system.
  • The product section was selected as the default view for the admin console.
  • The ability to change the input type and validation of the system attributes was restricted.
  • From now onwards, online payment options will only be activated for newly created accounts.

Bug Fixes

  • The credential reset issue of the online payment configuration was fixed on the payment configuration edit form.
  • The product sorting issue was fixed on the admin console.
  • The issue regarding moving the system attribute was fixed on the Attribute set section of the admin console.
  • Previously, the customer group and users list showed an empty column due to a technical issue. This matter was fixed.

Updates & Bug Fixes – April 19, 2022

Apr 19 2022 Payment MethodsBug Fix

Bug Fixes

  • The logout issue of the online payment section on the admin console was resolved.

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