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Shop UX and CDN Cache Management Made Easy

Apr 20 2020

1. SOC Release Note

To enhance the load speed of your online shop, we are using CDN based JS and CSS cache of the customer interface making it easy for shop owners to handle it from the backend.
Shop owners and managers can use the Admin Console to clear the JS and CSS cache of the cart page. This can be done using the “Cache Manager” option under “Settings”. Once you clear this cache, any changes made to the shop will become immediately visible.

How to Clear the CDN Cache of your online shop

2. Custom JS and CSS Move to the Client’s CDN Folder.

On ShopOnCloud, we support the customisation of the shop and admin UI by changing JS and CSS. If you have basic knowledge of JS and CSS or anyone to help you customise the view of your online shop you can now change the view of your online shop with customisable JS and CSS files. These JS and CSS files are maintained individually for each client account. Now we have moved these JS and CSS files to a client-specific account in the CDN.

3. “View Shop” button updates.

The “View Shop” button in the Admin Console will take the shop owners to the online shop UI from the Admin Console Now we have updated it to open your online shop in a new tab when you click on the “View Shop” button.

4. The UI for Manage the Shopping Cart Banner Updated

The User Interface (UI) to manage the Shopping Cart banner has been updated with a user-friendly UI and description.

  • The Report on “Completed Orders” Updated

The “Completed Orders” report has been updated to allow the shop managers to view and download the list of completed orders despite the payment status of each order.

  • Get Client Language File API Updated.

The customer language file and default language file of your online shop will be merged when you request a customer language file API. With this feature, customer-specific language files can be maintained by overwriting the default language file.

API : api/v1/get-customer-language

  • Non-existing Shop URLs will be Redirected to 404 Page.

All the shops will be listed under our main domain as subdomains as follows.


The non-existing URLs are now directed to a custom 404 page for ShopOnCloud.

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