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Shop owners get more control to the store front view

Apr 17 2020

Banner management and cart instruction sections updated to easily manage the SoC shops for owners.

  • Shop managers can update the storefront banner

You can update your online store’s shopping cart with a customised banner. The banner you choose may include details about your shop, its offers, discounts, and products that are important to the customers. This can attract more customers to your shop and entice them to purchase more products.

Add a Banner to your Shop On Cloud

  • Shop UI updated

The user interface of your ShopOnCloud online store has been updated to make the storefront more appealing to your customers. With this new update, your store can now deliver a seamless shopping experience in a user-friendly environment.

  • Cart instructions can be highlighted

The instructions of your store’s shopping cart can be highlighted further making it more user friendly to your customers. This way, your customers will not have to worry about the functions of the shopping cart while they select products.

How to Add Instruction to the Shopping Cart

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