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Seylan Payment Gateway Support Enabled

Jan 28 2022

ShopOnCloud now supports Seylan Bank payment gateways in addition to nearly fifty payment gateways that we already provision. As one of the oldest payment gateway providers in Sri Lanka, Seylan gateway payment enables you to authorize and manage fully secured online transactions via credit or debit card payments.

Now you can explore the world of e-commerce business by broadening the scope of your web based sales. Listed below are the Seylan Bank payment gateways that are enabled on ShopOnCloud.

  • Seylan Wibmo Payment Gateway Integration - Wibmo is a global leader in digital payments, providing fraud & risk management, payment authentication, mobile payments, prepaid cards, and merchant services. Security and compliance are always on top of priority at Wibmo.
  • Seylan MasterCard Payment Gateway Service Integration - It enables easy and secure acceptance of a wide range of digital payment methods for Seylan customers. By integrating Seyal MPGS, ShopOnCloud can transform digital transactions while eliminating the need for cash payments.

This integration allows your customers to experience a secure, reliable, and fast digital payment procedure, making the payment gateway a desirable channel. It gives shop owners the chance to take their businesses global and accept payments from customers across the world through the gateway.

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