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SEO Settings

May 20 2021

Adding and Configuring Metadata for Product Pages

ShopOnCloud’s new release provides admins the flexibility to manage their product’s title and other metadata required for optimise the visibility of the product detail page.
The “Product” section under the admin console’s SEO Settings is dedicated to these optimizations. Within this section, each product can be assigned a new page title, meta descriptions, and meta keyword patterns.

  • Custom Meta Tag Patterns for Products

The Product based detail pages at your online store can now be assigned new custom meta tags.using variable values.

  • Define and Configure Custom Meta tag Patterns for Products.
The custom meta tag patterns assigned to a product can also be used for existing products or future products. A shop admin can choose betwee the implementation of a meta tag pattern for just one product page or rolling out the changes for all products.
  • Setting up Meta Tags Patterns for all Products at Once. (Bulk Update)

When implementing the assigned custom meta tag patterns shop admin can now apply these changes to all the existing products by selecting the “Save and apply to existing products” option.

How to Manage Product Page SEO Settings

Adding and Configuring Metadata for Category Pages

The new release allows admins to add and edit page title and metadata to category listing pages of your online shop.
If the most suitable keyword or the property value is not available in the suggested list, the shop admins can create new custom variables or property values to be used in title and meta tags.
The ability to add custom meta tags has also been assigned to this section.

  • Configure Default Metadata.

The metadata section of your store category pages include the page title, meta description, and meta keywords. While earlier these were set as default values, the new release allows admins to change this information as they wish.

  • Define and Configure Custom Meta Tags Patterns for Categories.
The new release allows admins to create and add new meta tags using existing variables or adding a new custom variable.
  • Setting Up Meta Tags Pattern for all Categories at Once. (Bulk update)

An updated meta tag patterns can be applied across existing categories as well as future categories. An admin can assign these patterns to all the existing products by selecting “Save and apply to existing categories”.

How to Manage Category Page SEO Settings

Metadata Configuration for Home Pages

Similar to product and category pages, the metadate of your online shop’s home page can be updated or added through the SEO Settings of the ShopOnCloud Admin Console under the ‘Home’ section.

  • Change the Default Metadata of the Home Page.

The default page title and metadata of your store’s homepage can be changed with the new update. Admins can use existing variables to build or edit the home page title and other Meta Tags that include Meta Keywords and the Meta description.

  • Add Custom Meta Tag Patterns to the Home Page.

Now shop owners can add new page title and meta tags to the store’s home page. These tags can be added using existing variables and edited further using HTML if required.

How to Manage Home Page SEO Settings

Product Management

The new release of ShopOnCloud provides better product management facility through Admin Console.
There is a new section completely dedicated to addition of new products and other sub tasks that is included in adding a new product and building a product detail page.

  • New SEO Section

The New Product Management Page of the ShopOnCloud Admin Console, has been updated with a new “SEO” subsection. Metadata of product pages such as the page title, meta keywords, and meta description can be added or edited in this section.

  • Edit Meta Tags for Products.

When editing meta tags, admins can change the tags using the static and custom variables Updated metadata can further be set as defaults or be previewed for decision making.

  • Define Title and Meta Tags of Product Detail Page

With the new release each product detail page will have its own page title and other meta tags increasing its vsibility online.

  • Restore Default Meta Tag Patterns.

The metadata updated through the SEO section can be set back to default. This option is available in the “Action” button once the product-related metadata is updated using static and custom variables.

  • Preview Product Metadata

Before saving the changes made to product metadata, the shop admin can preview them. This option is available under the “Action” icon. If any more changes need to be made, the admin can always make changes and preview again.

  • Product API Updated to Support Meta tags.

The new release has upgraded almost every aspect of your online store making it more easy to manage and provide a better customer service ShopOnCloud product API is has been updated with features to support meta tags.

How to Setup SEO Tags for Product Pages

Category Management

The ShopOnCloud new release has made it easier for you to manage category listing pages in your shop for better visibility online.

  • New SEO Section added to Category Management Section

The category management section of your store’s admin console has been upgraded with an SEO section. This can be found on the “Add new category” page. This enables the admins to add or edit title and meta data for category pages.

  • Edit Meta Tags for Categories.

Title and meta tag details of your store’s category pages including page title, meta description, and meta keywords. This data can be edited using static and custom variables. Once they are updated, changes will be presented at the front end.

  • Define Category-Specific Meta tags.

Now you can add page title and meta tags to category pages using static and custom variants to improve their online visibility. These tags can be updated at each category’s SEO section in the admin console.

  • Restore a Default Meta Tag Pattern for a Category Page.

The edited metadata of a category page can always be reverted back to its default tags. This can be done using the "Reset Metadata” option in the “Action” button in the category SEO section.

  • Preview Category Metadata

With the new update shop admins can preview the changes you made to the category page title and other metadata. This can be done using the “Preview Metadata” option available in the “Action” button.

How to Setup SEO Tags for Category Pages

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