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OnePay Payment Option Enabled

Mar 18 2022

OnePay is the only payment gateway in Sri Lanka that allows non-business registration merchants to accept card payments. Designed specifically for customer convenience and ease, OnePay gives you a variety of payment options to fit your business needs. It enables secure, quick and reliable transactions via credit and debit cards, and current and savings accounts on the mobile phone. Designed specifically to ensure customer ease, your business will now be able to provide high-quality services regardless of the payment method your customers opt for.

As a leading credit card payment gateway, OnePay allows you to leverage its services to meet the unique needs of your business across all industries and verticals. From payments to billing, this integration gives you all the essential payment functionality you need to grow your business with ShopOnCloud. No additional product purchases are needed. OnePay also makes billing very easy From single invoices, to monthly payments, and payment plans, all it takes is a few clicks.

From now onwards, all ShopOnCloud clients can use OnePay to collect money for their online orders. Go online and discover how to grow your e-commerce business with OnePay today.

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