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Improvements Made to ShopOnCloud Online Shop and Admin Console UX

Apr 24 2020

1. Initial Loader of the Shop Page Updated

Branding is an important aspect in an online store. We understand your online marketing requirements and we are adding more value to ShopOnCloud online stores every day. Now the shop logo will be displayed on the shop’s initial loading page to improve brand visibility.

2. Customized Email Templates can be Sent

With this new release, shop owners can use their own banded formatted email templates to reach customers, Branded email templates are supported for Order confirmation, Order update, Order status change, Customer registration, and also for password reset assistance.

How to Reset the Password of ShopOnCloud Admin Console

3. Cart Display Options are Added

We have added two cart display options on the shops as follows. Shop owners can configure them from the Admin Console.

  • Fixed Cart
    • The cart will always be displayed on the right side of the shop.
  • Floating Cart (Cart as an icon)
    • The cart will be displayed as an icon on the right side of the shop.
    • The cart can be accessed any time by clicking on the icon.
    • More space will be available in the shop with this option.

4. Admin Reset Password UI Revamped

Whenever you have an issue with the password while logging in to your admin console, you can reset your password using email.

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