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Implementing System & Custom Variables

May 20 2021

What are Variables?

A variable is a property value of a product or your online shop. They can be fixed properties like the shop name, business logo, business address or product name while others can be changeable like the category name, weight, size or available location.

With the new update, the ShopOnCloud admin console is provided with a new feature dedicated to managing the variables or properties of the online shop. Using the new “Variables” feature, admins are given access to System Variables and Custom Variables representing the key functions.

Eg: Product Name, Location, Business Logo, Category, etc.

System Variables.

System variables are fixed variables that cannot be further changed. They can only be replicated. The value of some of these variables automatically changes according to the section that they are assigned (Eg: Location, Product Name, and Category). Some system variables are irreversible. (Eg: Store name and Business address)

  • Defined System Variables

The updated admin console presents system variables in a list. This list contains the name, value, and description of each system variable. Admins are also provided with the option to copy and replicate these variables.

  • Facility to Use System Variables

ShopOnCloud shop admins can copy each system variable and allocate them wherever necessary when updating your shop. Copied variables can be used on products, categories and home page of your online shop.

Custom Variables

The new release of ShopOnCloud allows admins to create custom variables. These are apart from the system variables which are fixed and cannot be changed. Custom variables created this way can be copied, deleted, or even edited further.

  • Facility to Use Custom Variables

Now you can create a new custom variable that aligns with the given format. The value given to a custom variable can be a new property value or it can be a copy of an existing variable.

  • Facility to Use Custom Variables

Admins can copy custom variables and apply them to new products or categories. They can be used on products, categories, and homepages.

How to Create Variables

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