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Embed the ShopOnCloud Online Shop with any Website

Dec 30 2021

Now that we’ve moved our lives almost entirely online, every season is shopping season, and so is the opportunity for eCommerce site owners to grow their business and generate profit. Now, ShopOnCloud can help you fully transform your business and sell products in no time by adding your ShopOnCloud eCommerce store, including the embedded cart and secure checkouts, to your current website.

To do this, shop owners can easily access the embedding code directly from the admin console, and copy and integrate it to the website to embed the online shop to their existing website. This allows products to be managed within the robust ShopOnCloud architecture, including checkouts, shipping and returns. ShopOnCloud's website integration feature is a useful way for shop owners to provide customers with more exclusive online shopping experiences, and open up new business opportunities.

This simple solution allows shop owners to utilize their websites to sell products and services to anyone from anywhere. Furthermore, embedding your ShopOnCloud online store to a website is highly beneficial for customers because they can explore, research, and shop from one place. It also creates a frictionless purchasing experience that benefits both you, as a business owner, and your customer base.

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