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Discount Coupons or Promo Codes

Jul 19 2021

Now you can offer promo codes or discount coupons as a cart based offer and all cart offer rules can be applied for the promo codes.

ShopOnCloud Promo code is a unique code, which can be created with a combination of letters and numbers. With promo codes ShopOnCloud shop owners can now offer your online customers with discounts on shopping cart.

  • As a percentage of the total purchase value (E.g. 10% of the total value)
  • As a fixed value (E.g. USD 1500 reduced from the total value)
  • Free shipping or delivery
  • A combination of offers

Discount coupons can also be applied for a single product or categories and can be used to drive sales, engage loyal customers and to attract more customers during the holiday shopping season.

How to Create Discount Coupons

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