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Updates & Bug Fixes - April 28, 2023

Apr 28 2023 UpdatesThemes

Updates and Feature Improvements

  • Fixed product quantity manageable issue in “Flexy“ theme.

Admin can restrict selling products when the product is out of stock and customers cannot order those products in Flexy theme. This feature can be configured on the following steps.

  • Enable quantity manageable configuration in general settings in the admin console.
  • Enable available now option in the product.
  • Disable the continue selling option in the product.

Updates & Bug Fixes - April 25, 2023

Apr 25 2023 Shipping & DeliveryBug FixThemes

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed Form validation issues on the checkout page in Flexy theme.

We have fixed form validation issues on the checkout page in the Flexy theme, including required fields, invalid data, and technical issues. Error messages are now more specific and easy to understand. We hope these improvements make the checkout process more seamless for customers. Contact us if you encounter any issues.

  • API - Fixed shipping price calculation issue when product’s weight has decimal numbers.

We have addressed a critical issue in our API that resulted in incorrect or no shipping prices for products with decimal weight values. Our updated API now provides more accurate and reliable shipping calculations. Contact us if you encounter any issues.

Updates & Bug Fixes - April 24, 2023

Apr 24 2023 API IntegrationCategory ManagementBug Fix

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed the drag and drop issue in the category tree within the admin console.
  • The category order can now be changed by simply dragging and dropping.

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