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Updates & Bug Fixes - February 09, 2023

Feb 09 2023 Product ManagementShipping & DeliveryBug Fix

Bug Fixeses

  • Fixing shipping price issues for variant products

In e-commerce, variant products (such as different sizes or colors of the same item) can present challenges for shipping pricing. To address this issue, many online retailers have implemented a fixed shipping price system for variant products. This ensures that the shipping cost remains the same regardless of the product variant, providing a more streamlined and predictable checkout process for customers.

Certis Delivery Option Enable

Feb 01 2023 Shipping & DeliveryWebsite Features

Certis Delivery Option is a reliable and secure delivery service that offers customers a convenient and flexible way to have their packages delivered. With its focus on security, flexibility, and real-time tracking, Certis Delivery Option is an excellent option for customers who want to ensure that their packages are delivered safely and efficiently.

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