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ShopOnCloud Updates & Changelogs

Updates & Bug Fixes - September 22, 2023

Sep 22 2023 Admin ConsoleCMS

Bug Fixes

Resolved the cache issue in CMS pages.

  • There was a cache issue with saving CMS pages in the admin console. Sometimes, when we saved the page, it would retain the content from a previously edited page, and that issue has been fixed.

Updates & Feature Improvements - September 19, 2023

Sep 19 2023 Admin ConsoleProduct ManagementUpdatesSEO


  • Updated the system variable value for variant product images.

In this release, we have updated the system variable value for variant product images. Now, when variant products do not have images, we use the parent product's images. This update can be employed to retrieve product images in SEO data.

Updates & Feature Improvements - September 08, 2023

Sep 08 2023 Admin ConsoleOrder ManagementPrint

Feature Improvements

Bulk order printing option (Delivery note)
  • In this latest release, we are pleased to introduce an enhanced feature enabling the printing of bulk orders via the admin console panel. This empowers SOC administrators to efficiently process multiple orders with the added benefit of convenient filtering options. It is worth noting that, we have diligently optimised this functionality to seamlessly handle up to a maximum of 250 orders.

Bug fixes

  • The cache issue of product images is resolved when add/edit products with images in the admin console.

Updates & Feature Improvements - September 05, 2023

Sep 05 2023 Admin ConsoleText EditorTailwindCSS

Feature Improvements

  • Insert default tailwind classes to the HTML text editors
    • In this release, we have added a new feature to enhance the styling capabilities of our HTML text editor. Now, when users add text using the text editor, default Tailwind CSS classes are automatically applied, allowing for more stylish and visually appealing text content on the front end of our website.

Updates & Feature Improvements - September 01, 2023

Sep 01 2023 Admin ConsoleMedia Manager

Feature Improvements

  • Get Media Manager as a top menu
    • Include the Media Manager as a top-level menu option in the Shop admin console, allowing SOC admins to conveniently access the Media Manager directly.
  • Enable to upload videos and GIF images
    • The SOC admin now possesses the capability to upload videos and GIF images to the Media Manager. Additionally, the admin can execute actions such as cutting, copying, pasting, deleting, and renaming the uploaded videos and GIF images.

Updates & Feature Improvements - August 29, 2023

Aug 29 2023 Admin ConsoleCategory ManagementProduct ManagementThemes

Feature Improvements

  • Category short description
    • A short description provides a brief overview of the category, allowing customers to quickly understand its purpose, features, and benefits. It helps them determine if the category meets their needs without having to read lengthy descriptions or reviews.
    • Added short description field for category add/edit pages.
    • Added short description to category export report.
    • Added short description for category import.
    • Added a system variable for category short description.
    • Added category short description to the category detail page in the ‘Flexy’ theme.

  • Enable filters on the product list
    • Now, the SOC shop admin can view product filters when the admin returns to the product list. Enabling product filters lets users effortlessly resume exploring products in the product list without having to reapply their preferences.

Updates & Feature Improvements - August 28, 2023

Aug 28 2023 Admin ConsoleAPI IntegrationCategory ManagementProduct Management

Feature Improvements

  • Add ‘Go to parent’ button for child products
    • Now, the SOC admin can use the 'Go to parent' button on the child product edit page to easily navigate to the parent product edit page in the admin console.
  • Update get-category API
    • Enhanced an existing API to now provide category breadcrumbs in its response, allowing users to see the hierarchical path to an item. This aids navigation and provides context within the larger category structure.

Updates & Feature Improvements - August 25, 2023

Aug 25 2023 Admin ConsoleProduct ManagementAttributesLanguage Files

Feature Improvements

  • Modify the content editing environment to resemble the editing environment of theme edits.
    • Previously, the content editing environment consisted of a text area field. Now, it resembles the editing environment of theme edits.
  • Add HTML editor for text area type attribute
    • Now, the SOC admin has the ability to edit the attribute text area on the HTML editor. In this feature, the admin can add various styles to the product as an attribute.


  • Resize the column widths in the product list.
    • Adjusted the display layout of the product list by expanding the product name column while reducing the widths of other columns in the admin console.
  • Remove HTML editor from the product short description.
    • Simplified product short descriptions by removing HTML content. New format is plain text for greater clarity.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed language update issue with empty values in the admin console. Now, the SOC admin can save empty values in the language form.

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