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ShopOnCloud Updates & Changelogs

Updates & Bug Fixes - October 27, 2022

Oct 27 2022 Product ManagementBug FixUpdatesDigital Marketing

Updates and Feature Improvements

  • The product feed field name and description are updated on the guidelines.
  • Advanced Facebook product feed template added.
  • Cart subtotal added to the mini cart.

Bug Fixes

  • Variant products URL issue fixed on the admin console.
  • The product image loading issue was fixed in the offers section.

Updates & Bug Fixes - October 25, 2022

Oct 25 2022 Product ManagementWebsite FeaturesBug FixUpdates

Updates and Feature Improvements

  • The facility added to manage tax and service charges via the admin console.

Bug Fixes

  • Product in stock/out of stock issue fixed on the product feed.

Updates & Bug Fixes - October 24, 2022

Oct 24 2022 API IntegrationOrder ManagementBug FixUpdates

Updates and Feature Improvements

  • Cart API is enabled for users who have not registered.
  • Order place API updated.

Bug Fixes

  • Issues relating to the missing variant product images were fixed on the order email and order view in the admin console.

Updates & Bug Fixes - October 21, 2022

Oct 21 2022 Order ManagementOrder ReportsBug Fix

Bug Fixes

  • Order confirmation and update email’s title updated to fix spam issues.

Updates & Bug Fixes - October 20, 2022

Oct 20 2022 Shipping & DeliveryBug FixUpdates

Updates and Feature Improvements

  • API was added so that all addresses from the customer address book can be added
  • The shipping address UI is updated on the checkout page.
  • Shipping address add and edit API updated.
  • The facility added to limit shipping fields based on the order type.
  • The facility was added to select shipping and billing addresses from the address book.

Bug Fixes

  • The default address sorting issue is fixed on the address book.

Updates & Bug Fixes - October 14, 2022

Oct 14 2022 Admin ConsoleUpdatesDigital Marketing

Updates and Feature Improvements

  • google_product_category” attributes added as feed attributes.

Now shop owners can set the “google_product_category” id for their products from the shop backend

Updates & Bug Fixes - October 13, 2022

Oct 13 2022 Bug FixUpdatesDigital Marketing

Updates and Feature Improvements

  • Product feed updated
  • Facility to access product feed link quickly
  • Merchant (Facebook/eBay) selecting facility when creating a product feed

Bug Fixes

  • Order email sending issue fixed

Updates & Bug Fixes - October 12, 2022

Oct 10 2022 API IntegrationShopping Cart

Updates and Feature Improvements

  • The shopping cart API updated

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