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Updates & Bug Fixes - March 01, 2023

Mar 01 2023 Admin ConsoleWebhooksWebsite Features

Updates and Feature Improvements

  • Webhook admin UI

Webhook admin UI is a graphical user interface that allows users to manage webhooks for their applications or services. It provides a centralized location to create, edit, delete, and monitor webhook endpoints, and view logs and statistics. This tool simplifies the webhook integration process and enables users to easily automate workflows and receive real-time updates.

Updates & Bug Fixes - February 09, 2023

Feb 09 2023 Product ManagementShipping & DeliveryBug Fix

Bug Fixeses

  • Fixing shipping price issues for variant products

In e-commerce, variant products (such as different sizes or colors of the same item) can present challenges for shipping pricing. To address this issue, many online retailers have implemented a fixed shipping price system for variant products. This ensures that the shipping cost remains the same regardless of the product variant, providing a more streamlined and predictable checkout process for customers.

Certis Delivery Option Enable

Feb 01 2023 Shipping & DeliveryWebsite Features

Certis Delivery Option is a reliable and secure delivery service that offers customers a convenient and flexible way to have their packages delivered. With its focus on security, flexibility, and real-time tracking, Certis Delivery Option is an excellent option for customers who want to ensure that their packages are delivered safely and efficiently.

Updates & Bug Fixes - January 30, 2023

Jan 30 2023 Product ManagementUpdatesDigital Marketing

Updates and Feature Improvements

  • Managing duplicate products in a product catalog

To manage duplicate products in a product catalog, it's important to identify and consolidate them to avoid confusion and prevent errors. This can be done by using unique product IDs and regularly auditing the catalog for duplicate entries. Additionally, implementing a search and filter functionality can help users easily find and compare products, reducing the likelihood of selecting the wrong item. Proper management of duplicate products can improve the user experience and increase sales on an e-commerce platform.

  • Updating customer details view in a digital asset management system (DAM)

To update the customer details view in a DAM, access the user profile settings and select the option to edit customer information. From there, the user can modify their personal details, such as name, email, and password. Additionally, the system administrator can grant or restrict access to specific digital assets based on user roles and permissions. This feature ensures that customer information is accurate and up-to-date, while also providing secure and personalized access to digital assets.

Updates & Bug Fixes - January 24, 2023

Jan 24 2023 SMS NotificationWebsite FeaturesUpdatesPages

Updates and Feature Improvements

  • Handling 404 Page Error Code

A 404 page error code occurs when a requested web page cannot be found. To handle this error, website owners should create a custom 404 page that provides helpful information to users, such as navigation links or a search bar. Additionally, website owners should monitor and fix broken links to minimize the occurrence of 404 errors.

  • How to restrict search engine indexing on your website

To restrict search engine indexing on your website, you can add a "robots.txt" file to your site's root directory and use a "noindex, nofollow" meta tag in your site's HTML code. The robots.txt file tells search engine crawlers which pages they are allowed to index, while the meta tag instructs crawlers not to index or follow specific pages. This can be useful for pages that contain sensitive information or duplicate content.

  • Adding SMS configurations for a super admin

To add SMS configurations for a super admin, access the website's back-end and navigate to the SMS configuration settings. From there, select the option to create a new configuration and fill in the necessary details such as the SMS gateway provider and API credentials. Once saved, the super admin will be able to manage and send SMS notifications to users from the website's front end. This feature can enhance user engagement and improve communication on the website.

Updates & Bug Fixes - January 19, 2023

Jan 19 2023 Website FeaturesUpdates

Updates and Feature Improvements

  • Renaming File Names in Media Management

Media management involves the organization and optimization of media files to ensure efficient use and storage. Renaming file names is a crucial part of media management that allows for easier identification and searchability of media files. With just a few clicks, media managers can update file names to be more descriptive, consistent, and relevant, streamlining workflows and reducing time spent searching for specific files.

  • API for Retrieving Created Shops by Email

An API (Application Programming Interface) can be used to retrieve information about shops created by a specific email address. This API provides an efficient way to access and display data about shops that have been created using that email. By using this API, developers can easily integrate the functionality of retrieving shop data by email into their applications or platforms. This can be especially useful for managing and tracking online businesses that have multiple shops under a single email account.

Updates & Bug Fixes - December 29, 2022

Dec 29 2022 Email NotificationWebsite FeaturesWebsite InterfaceUpdatesMarketing

Updates and Feature Improvements

  • Enable SMTP email configuration options

From now customers can be use their own SMTP to send emails from their SOC shop, if they want. Some times SOC default emails are block by some of emails clients, on that kind of situation shop owners

  • Configure URL patterns

Now shop owners can change the URL patterns of the shop, Below URLs pattern can be change as they wish

- Location URL

- Category URL

- Product URL

Updates & Bug Fixes - December 19, 2022

Dec 19 2022 Product ManagementWebsite InterfaceUpdates

Updates and Feature Improvements

  • Perperation time option added to of the products Now shop owners can be specified the preparation time per products. According to the products preparation time, automatically delivery time will be change on the shop.
  • User profile UI and functionality updated SOC shop’s registered customers can manage their profile on the shops. From now they can have manage their billing and shipping address from the profile

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