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    An Easy & Secure Way to Collect Payments

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Introducing the latest, innovative and easy-to-use Payment collection solution for our valuable ShopOnCloud clients!

An easy and secure way to collect payments

We know you have to deal with some vexing issues even with online payments. ShopOnCloud is partnering with Multi ePay to provide an accessible, easy-to-integrate, and customizable payment collection solution.

Whether you are selling products or providing services, you can even create subscriptions, recurring payments, and send payment links as well. The best value addition is that regardless of how many sales you make locally or globally, Multi ePay doesn’t take commissions from your sales and supports the growth of your business without any restriction.

Multi ePay has been designed to act as your payment collection partner. Now you don’t have to bother to waste your time at multiple banks to collect the payments done by your customers. Multi ePay will collect and settle all the payments into one bank. Moreover, no need to deal with skyrocketing fees and hidden fees when you use Multi ePay in your ShopOnCloud store.

These are the features and benefits of Multi ePay offers to empower your business.

  • No Set-up Fee
    No Set-Up Fee
  • No hidden costs
    No Hidden Costs
  • No cancellation fee
    No Cancellation Fee
  • No transaction limits
    No Transaction Limits
  • 24/7 customer support
    24/7 Customer Support
  • Security and authentication
    Security and Authentication
  • Hassle-free Payment collection
    Hassle-Free Payment Collection
  • Less Payment turnaround time
    Less Payment Turnaround Time
  • Cost-effective and competitive pricing
    Cost-Effective and Competitive Pricing
  • Reports and insights into the transactions
    Reports and Insights into the Transactions
  • Customizable payment flows for specific business requirements
    Customizable Payment Flows for Specific Business Requirements
  • Payments are accepted from any Visa/MasterCard Credit or Debit card and other payment instruments valid in Sri Lanka
    Payments are accepted from any Visa / MasterCard Credit or Debit Card and Other Payment Instruments Valid in Sri Lanka

There is more! We have a value-added offer to show our gratitude for existing and new clients of ShopOnCloud. When you build a store from ShopOnCloud or select Multi ePay as the payment gateway of your existing ShopOnCloud store, you can enjoy Free set-up and a special transactional commission of 3% for your transactions for the lifetime!

It’s now or never!
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