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Sothys is a Paris-based high-end skincare brand that specializes in the finest cosmetic products and professional, high-end performance. Sothys has always stood out as a cutting-edge beauty expert due to its extraordinary commitment to providing absolute beauty to women and men around the world for over 70 years. Their products are sold exclusively in beauty institutes, salons and spas. Due to a multitude of factors such as unique needs, affordability, and preferences, their clientele is limited to a niche and well-established market segment. Thus, their operations tend to be highly focused and specific.

Silvacos (Pvt) Ltd or Sothys Sri Lanka is the franchise holder for Sothys Paris in Sri Lanka. They have three physical stores in Colombo 07, Colombo 03 and Negombo to serve Sri Lanka with their prime collection of products. As a result, Sothys Sri Lanka enjoyed a steady stream of high revenue before the pandemic.


However, things changed drastically with the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic in early 2020. As Covid-19 struck, all beauty institutions, salons, and spas across Sri Lanka were forced to close and mandate the rules and regulations implemented by the Sri Lankan government as a measure to control the transmission of the virus. Since their clientele was no longer operating, Sothys Sri Lanka was heavily affected. Their stream of income declined rapidly. The pandemic proved that it now takes a more digital approach to sell well. Therefore, Sothys had to adapt its business to the changes and set up an online store quickly. This demanded a scale-up at a level where all Sothys products are up and running within a short period. Following the footsteps of many other businesses, Sothys desired to move their previously in-store services online. This is when Shoponcloud came to the rescue.


Our highly dedicated and experienced team offered Sothys an online shop at a very affordable price and monthly rate. Since we take a highly focused approach to serve our customers, Sothys online shop features all their products so customers have direct and easy access to all the products they may require. Moreover, we integrated their website and social media accounts with the online shop to optimize service provision. Sothys is a very special case because certain features which are unique to ShopOnCloud such as visibility-related features, the inclusion of the product name to the online shop URL, and meta titles and meta descriptions, were all launched with the Sothys online shop

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Since the establishment of the online shop with Shoponcloud, Sothys has seen an uplift in its revenue. Presently, Sothys continues to use Shoponcloud to meet all customer needs during the pandemic and beyond. They pride themselves on selling a range of beauty products to a community of millions at any time, anywhere, and via any digital device.

What Our Client Says

“Having had a few unpleasant experiences in the past with IT solution partners who don’t go through the details of all the info with us, especially as we don’t always understand technical jargon. However, the eBEYONDS team pushed the envelope! They took the time to explain the details at all points in the process, took the initiative to fully understand the brand requirements, and collaborated closely with our team as they clearly understood how important our project was to us. They were equally concerned about getting everything ‘on brand’. They went over and above to deliver AND they brought a very professional approach to the project with strong work ethics.

As an international brand, I wouldn’t hesitate to work with them again as they understand customer service, professionalism, and attention to detail. What a great team!

Christina Alphonsus
Silvacos Private Ltd – Head of Marketing
Tea Tang Private Ltd - Group Marketing/ Special Projects”

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