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Bairaha Farms PLC, a leading processor and supplier of healthy and nutritious chicken and value-added meat products in Sri Lanka has been in existence for 47 years. Over time, the Bairaha brand has grown to become a household name in Sri Lanka with a strong and loyal customer base.

As an FMCG business that watches the industry developments and emerging trends closely, it wasn’t hard at all for Bairaha Farms PLC to spot the vast untapped potential of eCommerce for their much liked and highly demanded value-added chicken products. Once they saw it, they decided to commission the project of revamping their website and creating the Bairaha online shop to eBEYONDS.

The Meat Industry

Bairaha Farms PLC is the pioneer chicken processor in Sri Lanka for over four decades. Enriched with prime nutrients, Bairaha Farms PLC produces the best poultry products that are trusted by millions. Like most of the other businesses, companies in the meat industry have been slow to harness the vast potential of eCommerce until the outbreak of the Corona virus disease forced people to cut even their weekly shopping in person for food stuff and other essentials.

Bairaha Farms PLC

Bairaha Farms PLC is a vertically integrated farming business that pioneers in providing fresh chicken and pre-cooked chicken. From the hatchery, till the meat gets processed and delivered, the company possesses the capacity to produce the entire end-to-end processing cycle. Bairaha hatcheries are of the highest standard that produces both parent and commercial broiler day-old chicks. The company offers a whole assortment of fresh chicken products and pre-cooked chicken products.

The Requirement

Bairaha Farms PLC wanted to revamp their website and get it on par with the international standards and then get an online store built, which would be integrated into the website. Or essentially, they wanted to have an eCommerce website through which they could sell their diverse chicken products online within Colombo and selected suburbs surrounding Colombo. Bairaha Farms PLC wanted their online store to be perfectly aligned with their brand. They also wanted it to be simple, user-friendly, hassle-free and secure given the base of prospective consumers from all walks of life and who couldn’t reasonably be expected to be necessarily tech-savvy. So, they were looking for an eCommerce solution without a steep learning curve for either the consumers or themselves, which would allow efficient order processing and fulfillment.

Speaking to the Daily News Business, Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer Bairaha Farms Yakooth Naleem had said “We were quick to realize and adapt to the country’s current situation, as increasing number of consumers want to make quick purchases using online mediums, we wanted to create a portal that is not just user-friendly, but also compatible with all devices and at the same time being informative and seeks to provide a pleasant experience.”

The Industry Challenges

Chicken products are perishable consumer goods with a limited shelf-life, so they must be sold out before the stock hits the expiry date. Plus, stocking them up and their transportation requires significant cold storage facilities, which doesn’t come cheap…..

Challenges Faced by the Client

The company would have to pay close attention to the maintenance of the inventory and stock turnover ratio and the cost of delivery. The online ordering interface would have to be super smooth and simple and ensure hassle-free checkout on all the common devices consumers use to shop online for Bairaha chicken products……

The Solution

With a solid understanding of the marketing requirements of Bairaha Farms PLC, eBEYONDS got down to the job of revamping the website to give it a more modern and compelling touch whereas the ShopOnCloud team zeroed in on harnessing the eCommerce potential for the Bairaha online shop. eBEYONDS team worked in close collaboration with Ravin Madusanka, Senior Brand Manager and the rest of the Bairaha Farms PLC team, brainstorming and testing out new ideas and continually refining the designs so that they’d reflect the very soul of the brand Bairaha. For the Bairaha online shop too, a similar strategy was adopted. Looking back on it, it’s no exaggeration to say that our hard work bore fruit in the end.

The Result

Customers can now create their own account, add to their online shopping cart and expect delivery within a stipulated time frame to their doorsteps. Customers are at liberty to browse through Bairaha’s premium selection of Uncooked, De-Skinned, Marinated, Cooked and Pre-Cooked value added Chicken products as well as other popular products such as Cheese Nuggets, Munch and Skewers. Customers can also avail themselves to insightful content with ease, including exclusive chicken recipes and cooking tips, as well as intellectual discussions and blogs on poultry production and consumption- and anything chicken-related, through the website.

Hear it from our Client’s own Words

The Daily News Business quotes Head of Sales and Marketing Bairaha Farms Kumerini Candappa as saying “Our brand name is a trusted name spanning over 47 years in providing high quality products to our consumers and we currently cater to many channels in the domestic market. With the Re-launch we believe that this website portal will drive traffic from overseas and benefit all customers from all walks of life.”

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