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Trending Products to Sell Online in 2022

Trending Products to Sell Online in 2022

Jan 10 2022

Starting an e-commerce business is often a thrilling and exciting experience. However, to be truly successful and generate a consistent stream of profit, e-commerce business owners need to play the cards right and be wise in choosing which products to sell. With so many product options available today, it could often become overwhelming to navigate through the process. Nevertheless, it is important to pick trending products to sell online.

A large portion of e-commerce businesses struggle because they make one common mistake - they fail to include a variety of trending products in their stores. Trending products have a good market potential which is why they tend to trend in the first place. Furthermore, they tend to be clear of too-extreme niches and have regular, consistent demand in the market. Thus, utilizing trending products as part of the business strategy and marketing them properly guarantees a boost in online store sales. Let’s dive into how to find the perfect trending products to sell online.

How to Find Trending Products?

As discussed above, tapping into the trending product category can be similar to finding a goldmine for e-commerce business owners. Therefore, it is vital to construct a detailed strategy to choose the best products to sell online. Oftentimes, selecting the best trending products that are popular this year or will stay popular for years requires in-depth market research. This tends to consume a lot of time and energy. However, technology has made this task easy to perform in recent years. Mentioned below are some of the most efficient practices one could engage in to find out what the most recent trending products are.

Online Resources

To find out what products are trending now, you can always utilize online resources such as Google Trends, Amazon Suggest, Shopify’s Trending Product List, The Facebook Ad Library, Exploding Topics, Kickstarter.com, Wish.com, Pinterest Suggest and so much more. Furthermore, you can also refer to various e-commerce web forums to find new and exciting ideas on trending products to sell online and understand what customers are looking for.

Personal Insights

You can even start with what you know! Look around your house. Are there any specific products that make your life easier or you simply can't function without? The answers to these questions would help you decide what products to sell online.

Competitor Analysis

Another brilliant way to identify trending products is by studying your competitors and identifying what products they are selling. However, solely offering trending products that are easily available in other online stores is disadvantageous. Thus, try and avoid the saturated market segment because the abundance of choices does not lead to definitive decisions and action-taking. But refrain from choosing too many niche products because they serve a specific customer base and product category which could be risky.

Customer Reviews

Gaining insights about products directly from the customer base is a common practice among businesses. There are a few methods to gain this insight. One method is reading customer reviews on products. These are easily accessible on platforms like Alibaba and Amazon.

Using Keyword Data

Search engine optimization (SEO) is a useful tool that can be used to assess product demand and position them accordingly. It also helps identify which products are currently trending. Keyword research tools such as Ahrefs, SEMrush, Google Keyword Planners, Google Trends, or Keywords Everywhere can be utilized to generate information and reports on products that people are looking for. To be specific, these tools provide information on search volume, competition, and cost-per-click among the target audience.

Social Media

Social media is a great mainstream tool that'll help you navigate through the confusion and identify trending products that will sell well. Check the hashtags and look into what's trending. Furthermore, you can explore YouTube's ' unboxing' videos for products related to fashion, beauty, and electronics. The Higher the product demand, the higher the number of videos that would pop up when you search on YouTube. In addition, keep an eye on the number of views. If a product is trending, videos related to it would generally have a high number of views.

Nevertheless, don't fret. We've compiled a list of the top 8 trending products to sell online to help you out in 2022!

What Products Should I Go For?

Digital Products and Accessories

Since we live in a digitalised era where people depend heavily on digital devices daily, digital products and related accessories have become highly sought after eCommerce products. This has been the case in the past, especially during 2020 and 2021, and is predicted to be so. Furthermore, given the fact that digital usage has increased significantly due to the pandemic, the demand has grown over the recent years and is expected to showcase continuous growth. Moreover, when we review Google Trends, we see that there is a consistent demand for digital devices and accessories so we can conclude that they are quite popular products to sell online. However, digital products tend to be a broad category. Thus, we’ve compiled a few digital products and accessories that are highly demanded globally. Wireless earphones, wireless phone charges, wireless charging stations and phone tripods are experiencing a surge in popularity.

In addition, mobile phone cases have been among the top-selling products no matter the year or season. Apart from protecting the phone from dirt, scratches and shattered screens, mobile cases and covers also serve a decorative purpose. Since phones are available in a vast variety of brands, models and styles, the global consumer demand is huge, steady, and likely to continue through 2022. Although covid-19 has hampered the growth of mobile phone cases, there is a large demand for mobile phone cases and covers in the international market. Furthermore, Google Trends graphs suggest that there has been a steady increase in the global demand for different screen protectors and films in the last few years. AliExpress has been providing a diverse range of offers and deals for phone screen protectors to cater to the global demand.


The global toy market experienced explosive growth worth $110.97 bn in the first half of 2021. In fact, the pandemic pushed toy sales up by 16% in 2020. According to statistics, search engines have recorded over 1.8 million average monthly searches related to the term "toys" during 2021 and into the new year. Products ranged from sports toys, dolls, action figures, arts and crafts, building sets, games and puzzles, infant and toddler toys, youth electronics, plush toys, remote control vehicles, miniature vehicle replicas, explorative toys, and outdoor toys. Truth be told, the toy market is expected to grow by $ 14.62 bn during 2022-2026, progressing at a CAGR of 2.64%. Presently, China and the United States (US) are the top two countries for toy consumption.

Covid-19 Essentials

As a result of the ongoing pandemic situation, covid-19 essentials are constantly in demand to ensure safety and wellbeing. People have become accustomed to using hand sanitisers, face masks, disinfectants and other related products daily to prevent and control the virus. Presently, the most popular and in-demand covid-19 essential items include N95 masks, surgical & other masks, disinfectants, sanitisers, gloves, PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) kits, thermometers, oximeters, IR thermometers, tissues and garbage bags.

Health and Wellness Products

With the pandemic restricting people to their homes, people have been looking for ways to stay healthy and fit. As a result, the global health and wellness industry has experienced a massive spike in 2020 accounting for $3.31 bn. Furthermore, the health and wellness industry is expected to remain profitable in the coming years and this number is expected to grow to around $4.24 bn by 2026. Items such as joggers, leggings, sweatshirts, sports bottles and mesh shoes are getting sold online now more than ever and are showing no signs of slowing down. Moreover, yoga mats have been in high demand in 2021 and 2020 with at-home workouts becoming the norm. Google Trends clearly indicate that worldwide searches for yoga mats have constantly been high. They're popularly used for sports such as yoga, pilates and aerobics. Thus, it's not surprising that health and wellness products will be trending in 2022.

Home Beddings

Home bedding products such as blankets, linens, mattresses, cushions, pillows, sheets, duvets, quilts and comforters were trending for prolonged periods, Apart from the general functionalities which include improving sleep and hygiene home bedding also serve aesthetic purposes which makes them desirable for homes. The demand for home bedding products is expected to grow in 2022 and continue till 2026.


Covid-19 has completely changed the way we shop for our groceries. Although grocery shopping remains a necessity, the big question in regards to how to shop safely has pushed more people to pursue online shopping. To cater to this demand, many supermarkets and major shopping outlets have resorted to providing home deliveries. Since food is an essential item that we simply can't go without, it has remained a top trending item in the past and will continue to be so. Hence, adding groceries to your product list would result in increased sales.

Babywear and Childcare Products

According to research and statistics, 2022 is likely to experience a steady increase in the demand for baby and childcare products. As the ongoing pandemic has led to an increase in the number of births, there is accelerated consumer demand for products such as baby carriers, baby swings, baby monitors, diapers, feeding essentials, wardrobes essentials, bathing products and nursery essentials. Google Trends reveals that the search volume for babycare and childcare products a=worldwide are relatively stable. Thus, catering to consumer demand in 2022 will be profitable.

Selfcare Products

Covid-19 has had a significant impact on people’s behaviour and attitudes to self-care. With so many people being heavily invested in taking care of their physical and mental health, Google searches on "self-care" grew exponentially in 2020 and 2021. Natural health products, meticulous skin care, hair care and soothing bath products are a few essentials. In addition, other products such as organic, all-natural digestive and detoxifying tea with natural stress-busting ingredients such as chamomile, lavender, mint or lemongrass are immensely popular.

The demand for vitamins and biotin products were high in 2020 and 2021. Furthermore, an increase in the connection between self-care and skincare was highly noticeable with consumers seeking ways to cope with the high levels of pandemic-induced stress and anxiety levels.

Start Selling

This article only includes a few trending products that sell now and will sell in 2022. However, there is a long list of amazing trending products that you can choose from. While you are selecting the items to sell online, make sure you search for the customer demand as it fluctuates in time.

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