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Getting Ready for the New Year Season SALE...

Getting Ready for the New Year Season SALE...

Mar 03 2021

It is that time of the year when the Sri Lankan business community spruce up their shop fronts and merchandise, since most Sri Lankans are getting ready for the Sinhala and Tamil New Year. A critical part of this season that businessmen have to embrace is the social aspect of this festival, where everyone looks forward to adding new colours to their lives.

Since the COVID-19 epidemic totally took this season off from the calendar last year for Sri Lankans consumers and businesses are getting ready to celebrate the season while staying safe.

How to Get Your Shop Ready

It’s time to upgrade your online shop and attract more customers. Let’s start by making your online shop more attractive and relevant to the customers.

Change the Display View of Your Store

Let’s start with the view of your virtual store.
You can start by expanding your shop’s ratio. You can change your shop from a limited ratio to a full-screen ratio. It gives an image of a full shop with more products to discover, providing a clearer and easy to navigate shopping experience for the customers. who visits the shop. During this peak shopping season where everyone is online window shopping through stores, having a larger, clearer view can help to give shoppers a reason to explore your store more.

Find out how to change the display view of your store, at our Help Center.

Offers and Discounts

Customers love a great bargain during the festive season.
By offering discounts and offers on products, your store can attract more customers and get more customers during this season. With ShopOnCloud, you can assign offers to individual products as well as product categories.
Discounts not only help to attract new customers but retain existing customers too. For example, if there is a higher demand for curtains in the market, you can set a 20% discount for curtains at your online store.

You can also change the store’s banner to something that highlights these discounts and offers using an attractive design. Assigning offers to customer groups can also be done with Shop On Cloud. This is a great way to motivate brand loyalty and maintain the happiness of your most committed customers.

Add Related products

Once a customer decides to purchase a product, you can relate featured products available to the customer. Known as upselling and cross-selling, displaying products that are related to each other can increase the number of products purchased by a customer at one purchase session. For example, if a customer views a new shirt, a matching pair of trousers can be displayed as a related product. This feature represents the concept of cross-selling. Therefore, don’t forget to try it out this festive season.

You can easily set up related products for upselling using the Admin console, by following the guide at our Help Center.

Emails and SMS promotions

Customers like it when they are informed about any important happenings of a store. This can be done through SMS and emails. It is best to make sure that the information shared through these services are relevant and important to the customer. If not, it will lead to an unsubscription. Some of the best news you can deliver this way is about offers and discounts, especially during this festive season.

Find out how you can set up SMS notifications at your store using the Admin console.

Start Online Promotions

Digital media promotions are one of the best ways to get your message across to a wider audience this festive season. It can also be fun since there are a lot of things that you can do. Platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp, TikTok, and YouTube, have users signing into them every single day, resulting in a very large number of users, including potential customers. For instance, Facebook marketing will present you with a lot of options. While some of these options take time to produce results while some can produce quick results.

Social Media Promotions

It is essential to build a proper brand presence on social media channels for your business before reaching out to further crowds through social media advertising. Having a social media page for your shop gives access to a lot of tools. Through a page, you can post updates about your store and its events. You can also build a two-way conversation with your customers who reach out to you through this page. This is also where you can boost social media posts and carry out advertising.

During the festive season, you can promote posts that are related to the festival, including product promotions, gifting ideas, recipes, and giveaways. Use attractive colours and images that match the festive theme. This is a quick way of gaining followers and customers to your website.

Make sure to provide links to your website with almost every update you post on this page. You can follow below quick tips to reach more customers this new year season;

  • Use social media to promote your Christmas Discounts
  • Reach more customers with the right Sinhala and Tamil New Year Hashtags
  • Keep your posts on social media short, simple and branded.
  • Organise Social Media based giveaways
  • Offer New Year gift bundles for gifts, sweetmeats and decorations at a deducted price
  • Share New Year recipes, new gift ideas and decorations as posts

It can be tough to manage sales and at the same time keep posting on social media – so make sure you leave a good margin of time and prepare all your Christmas posts in advance!

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