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Own a Feature-rich Online Shop of your own with ShopOnCloud

Own a Feature-rich Online Shop of your own with ShopOnCloud

May 10 2022

Own a Feature-rich Online Shop: Gain More Customers & Drive More Sales

The economic crisis is raging. It’s like a storm that sweeps clean everything that’s on its path. Few local businesses are immune to its impact. Local SMEs are especially vulnerable here. If you’re already running a traditional brick and mortar SME, the chances are far from slim that your business is already hurt, and bleeding and sales are significantly down. It’s an unprecedented crisis, that is, nothing even remotely like this has happened in our living memory.

But, then, more often than not, life is quite unpredictable. That apart, if you look at the world at large and then also at the global history, then, you'll be convinced that this crisis isn’t the end of the world for your business. True, the crisis is grave enough. But as they say necessity is the mother of invention.

So don’t let the economic downturn hurt your business. SHOP-ON-CLOUD, the most affordable feature-rich eCommerce Solution in town, simply helps you build your own online shop enabling you to reach out to new markets and customers showcasing all your products differently and enabling promotions, cross-selling, up-selling and many more…Your next shop online sells 24/7 at a negligible monthly cost.

Isn’t that Amazing for your Business?

Our feature-rich, trusted eCommerce solution, SHOP-ON-CLOUD (SOC) is designed to support your ecommerce marketing keeping your online shop in the centre. SoC has made it fitting and affordable for all businesses from the enterprise to the smallest retailers across multiple industries. You and your team will be consistently and wholeheartedly supported every step of the way to harness the platform technology and training. Plus, the SOC platform will be continually upgraded with the latest eCommerce trends..

Unlike most other platforms, SOC offers all these features and charges only a nominal monthly fee without any strings attached on sales. All these benefits are offered as SOC's exemplary objective is to make ecommerce affordable to all businesses.

  • A Mobile-first Branded eCommerce Website
  • Heaps of Easy-to-use eCommerce features
  • Easy-to-use & Secure Online Ordering Interface
  • Easy Promotion & Offer Management
  • User Management with Multiple Permission Levels
  • Easy Customer Management
  • Cross-selling & Upselling Options
  • In-built SMS & Email Gateways
  • Featured Product Listing
  • The World’s Most Secure & Reliable Hosting

In sum, ShopOnCloud, our fully-fledged subscription-based SaaS eCommerce Solution, offers you a branded and feature-rich online shop (eCommerce site) of your own where you can sell an unlimited number of products for a very negligible monthly fee with no strings like commission on sales attached.

Come and start selling online with your own feature-rich online shop from ShopOnCloud.and weather this economic storm.

Sell Online.Start your own Online Store in just a Few Minutes.

Set up your online store quickly on a secure, reliable and amazingly affordable online ordering platform and reach out to a vast audience. Scale beyond your wildest dreams and prosper online.

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