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    Easy to Use

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    Powerful & Scalable

  • Sell Anything, Anywhere

    Sell Anything, Anywhere

  • Discover a simple, easier, and a faster way to sell anything to anyone, anytime, anywhere, online with ShopOnCloud solutions.

    Packed with all the essential ingredients for your eCommerce success, ShopOnCloud is one eCommerce platform that delivers on its promise, helping you to turn the crisis into an opportunity.

One Platform. Many Features.

Whether you are planning to move your business online or start afresh, we provide you with all the essential features for your online business success. Build, customise and extend your online shop to reach its fullest potential, despite the size and shape of your business.

  • Branded website for the business

    A Branded e-Commerce Website

    A branded, feature-rich, and a responsive eCommerce website that is affordable and easy to maintain.

  • Mobile-friendly Design to Fit any Screen

    Mobile-First Responsive Design

    ShopOnCloud websites are responsive across devices allowing your customers to shop on any device they choose, from smartphones to desktops.

  • Facility for Online Order Placement

    Simple & Secure Online Ordering Interface

    Create a smooth yet secure shopping experience for your customers with our versatile eCommerce tools designed for a seamless ordering process.

  • Hassle-free Order Management System

    A User-Friendly Order Management System (OMS)

    Discover a frictionless order management and fulfilment process, with online alerts and tracking facility, that saves time, energy and money.

  • Customer Information Management and Grouping

    Easy Customer Management

    Store and manage your customer details and shopping history in a secure environment with added features to group and edit details and remarket.

  • Intuitive Shopping Cart

    A Simple & Convenient Shopping Cart

    Create a convenient shopping experience with an attractive storefront, product details, fast checkout, order tracking and optional payment gateway integration.


  • Ramada

    Our decision to use Shop on Cloud (SoC) was made after a careful evaluation and engaging eBEYONDS in the project proved to be the right choice. The eBEYONDS team supported us from the beginning with utmost enthusiasm. They’ve always been at the forefront in catering to all our requirements. They even took it to the extent of developing certain features for us so that the SoC user experience would be unique with minimum friction. We commend the stellar job eBEYONDS did for us. Thank you for the support extended & looking forward to improving the SoC experience further.


    Nasheeth Cader

    (E-Commerce & Sales Executive) Ramada by Wyndham Colombo

  • The Radh

    When the outbreak of the Coronavirus diseases led to a nationwide lockdown and the patrons couldn’t practically dine-in anymore, we wanted to put into action our long-postponed plans to set up an online shop - necessity is the mother of invention, they say - where our customers could place their takeaway and home delivery orders online. When we approached eBEYONDS, which had already built our website beyond our expectations, with our requirements, they presented us with ShopOnCloud, their newly developed eCommerce Solution, whose amazing possibilities would not only fit our requirements but deliver even beyond that. We commissioned our project to eBEYONDS, and they quickly built for us a branded online shop. As soon as it was launched, our customers took to it and spread the word around. Without ShopOnCloud, we wouldn’t have been able to achieve such success with online sales targets as we do now. For that, we’re eternally grateful to eBEYONDS.

    Furthermore, they have a brilliant support team. We can contact them whenever we need them.

    We wholeheartedly wish for them to grow their customer base as much as possible.

    The Radh

    Iqbal M. Irfan

    Assistant Manager - Sales & Marketing”
    The Radh - Kandy

  • Sothys

    “Having had a few unpleasant experiences in the past with IT solution partners who don’t go through the details of all the info with us, especially as we don’t always understand technical jargon. However, the eBEYONDS team pushed the envelope! They took the time to explain the details at all points in the process, took the initiative to fully understand the brand requirements, and collaborated closely with our team as they clearly understood how important our project was to us. They were equally concerned about getting everything ‘on brand’. They went over and above to deliver AND they brought a very professional approach to the project with strong work ethics.

    As an international brand, I wouldn’t hesitate to work with them again as they understand customer service, professionalism, and attention to detail. What a great team!


    Christina Alphonsus

    Silvacos Private Ltd – Head of Marketing
    Tea Tang Private Ltd - Group Marketing/ Special Projects”

  • bairaha

    The Daily News Business quotes Head of Sales and Marketing Bairaha Farms Kumerini Candappa as saying “Our brand name is a trusted name spanning over 47 years in providing high quality products to our consumers and we currently cater to many channels in the domestic market. With the Re-launch we believe that this website portal will drive traffic from overseas and benefit all customers from all walks of life.”


    Kumerini Candappa

    Head of Sales and Marketing - Bairaha Farms

  • Up your Revenue by a Significant Percentage

    Grow your Business Online

    A Shop on Cloud provides you with not just an online store but with multiple opportunities to grow your business online. No matter what you are selling or how big or small our business is, we provide you with tools and facilities to sell anything, anywhere to anyone online and expand your business at your own pace. Affordable and easy to maintain, your Shop on Cloud, is open around the clock for business and can draw customers from many channels from social media and mobile apps, inducing growth and revenue.

  • Excellent Features & Functionality

    Easy to Use. Simple to Manage

    With ShopOnCloud, we have made managing an online shop as fun and simple, as shopping online. Easy to use and simple to manage, a Shop on Cloud provides an enjoyable and frictionless online shopping experience to your customers and a scalable yet flexible eCommerce capacity to you.

    With in-built tools designed for online marketing, in-store promotion, work delegation, secure transactions and fast delivery, managing a Shop on Cloud is hassle-free and cost-effective.

  • Hassle Free & Cost-effective

    Hassle Free & Cost-effective

    The ShopOnCloud Online Ordering System creates a smooth shopping experience for your customers throughout their shopping journey. With multiple payments and delivery methods, convenient check out options, and inbuilt persuasive marketing features, ShopOnCloud provides customers with an engaging shopping experience and you with extra value for investment.

  • Encourage Social Distancing

    Safety First

    Your safety as well as the safety of your staff, customers and business during this trying time of COVID-19, was on the top of our mind when developing the ShopOnCloud platform.

    To easily navigate the current market demand for contactless shopping and the need for social distancing, we have integrated many safe buying practices including contactless payment, order and pickup, in addition to home delivery, ensuring everybody’s safety comes first.

  • eCommerce for All Businesses

    eCommerce for Everyone

    Although COVID-19 was the great disruptor that forced eCommerce on many businesses, online migration of your business has been a reality, many ignored. With more customers opting to shop from the safety of their home, at ShopOnCloud, we want to make eCommerce accessible to everyone running a business, no matter who you are.

    Whether you are a supermarket, a grocery shop, a mid-level stationery chain, a homegrown baking business, or an atelier of jewellery we have the right eCommerce solution for you.

One Platform. Many Solutions.

Affordable eCommerce Solutions for any Business in any Industry

eCommerce Solutions for any Business in any Industry

Success Stories

Success Stories

Discover ShopOnCloud Solutions in Practice. Find out how we have helped leading brands in Sri Lanka and around the world achieve ecommerce success

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Our Success Stories

  • Ramada

    Ramada Colombo is an urban sanctuary that brings together the best of contemporary comforts and modern technology. With the onset of Covid-19, Ramada Colombo launched its online store to cater to its prospective customers who could place home delivery orders online with ease.

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  • The Radh
    The Radh

    The luxury boutique hotel nestled in the heart of Kandy sought out a reliable e-commerce solution provider to develop its online store during the onset of the pandemic. With its launch, the online store became a remarkable success and online sales picked up soon.

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  • Sothys

    The Sri Lankan franchise holder of this Paris-based luxury skincare brand partnered with us to establish its online presence during the pandemic. We were able to move their previously in-store services online and launch an online store where all Sothys products were up and running within a short period.

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  • Bairaha

    Bairaha Farms PLC, a leading processor and supplier of healthy and nutritious chicken and value-added meat products in Sri Lanka has been in existence for 47 years. Over time, the Bairaha brand has grown to become a household name in Sri Lanka with a strong and loyal customer base.

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